As you maybe (not) recognized we are three by now - this also explains why things have grown quiet around our projects. But! ... our beloved offspring is now 4 years old and full joy and great ideas. And so he is now one of the youngest label-owner arround!

After some festivals and screen-printing workshops he developed the plan to sell some self printed "stuff" in his own stall - the motives developed after playing SPACE INVADERS on our old Atari and a matching slogan was found with ease.

As you can see, a great plan and definitively worth to fullfill ... together!

Most of the clothes are upcycled from fleamarkets and are 100% handprinted.

Ich will so wie ich mag!
Ich mag so wie ich will!
Ich will so wie ich will!
Ich mag so wie ich mag!


Dates to get one of those

01-03. December 2017 - akademie wintermarkt 2017 @ Semperdepot Vienna

stall with screenprinting stall with screenprinting