Art is a diffuse term - the space of art is a space hardly to border. Differently defined by the diverse players it is liable to certain norms, orders and prohibitions. There are social conventions in the public space too – art is only allowed in regulated grounds.

Some see streetart as an act of vandalism, others honor it as an independent form of art – the borders are blurred . If the step form the streets into the museum is done, former forbidden actions are turned into established art. Therefore it’s no more accessible for the public but only for a restricted audience, turned into a product of the creative industry. The artist himself is pulled out from anonymity onto the stage and into the spotlight.

We are recognizing the whole public space as a space of art and expression. In our photo-series we’re using the picture frame as a recurring stylistic element to raise the following questions in the mind of the observer.

  • Is it possible to restrict art into borders and/or has art to fit into specified frames?
  • Are prohibitions necessary to demonstrate the value of a matter in our society?
  • Does the space of art depend on rules and regulations to be identified/accepted?

We’d like to dedicate our work to the numerous street-artists and like to call the attention to this often dismissed form of art/expression which is generally in conflict with the given laws and prohibitions. Their focus lies on the created piece of art itself – free of conventions and capitalistic stimuli.

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