spaces of the industrial setting @ FABRIKAMINT

RINDERHALLE MEDIAOPERA WIEN | 21:00 (17.08.2012) – 22:00 (18.08.2012)

A multimedia art exhibition and 25h warehouse gig hosted together with TANZ DURCH DEN TAG.

The matter of perception of space can be expressed in many different ways. An example is the space between home and work and the journey in between. There is a space created by time, from the person we were to the one that we have become and the social spaces created by interpersonal relationships. The selected work will be exhibited in an interim space – a place of former and current industrial life.

Anna-Sophie Berge | Katarina Šoškić | Milica Balubdzic | Markus Willeke | Alexander W. Jandl | Clemens Fantur | Vedran Pilipović | Bianca Larch | David Doepel | Sarah Mühlbacher | Laura Schreiner | Ká Zoltán | Gabriel Hyden | Neonrost | Tamara Friebel

FABRIKAMINTspaces of the industrial setting

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